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Skiing - Alpine skiing & racing


Whistler Adaptive offers a range of ski and sit-ski lessons

Are you a new client who would like to book a ski or snowboard lesson? 

We offer private lessons at Whistler Blackcomb for children and adults who ski, sit-ski or snowboard. Kids are also eligible to take part in our Buddy Program. Lessons run every day from 9am to 3pm from the beginning of December to end of April. Call us at 1-800-766-0449 ext. 8993 (Ask for adaptive lesson booking) for details and prices. Or you can email wbadaptiveprogram@vailresorts.com 

Have you forgotten your lesson meeting place or want to tell us you're running late?

Please contact the Whistler Adaptive Ski & Snowboard Program office at 604-905-2071.

The Whistler Adaptive Ski and Snowboard Program coach individuals with sensory, cognitive, or physical disabilities on Whistler Blackcomb. For those returning to the slopes following injury, Whistler Adaptive also provides physical and psychological support. Offering specialized equipment, therapeutic programming, and alpine ski instruction for a range of participants, Whistler Adaptive teaches over 1200 lessons per year. Our ski lessons are adapted to the client's needs whether we work with children, teens, or adults. Private lessons can see a client with one to three instructors depending on their skiing ability and goals, while Buddy lessons provide support to a child enrolled in the Whistler Kids Ski School. 

Learning how to 4-track ski on Whistler Moutain

Standing skiers use one, two, three or four-track skiing techniques. With our large pool of experienced and dynamic instructors, we can provide you or your loved one with lessons for a beginner, intermediate or advanced skier. Standing skiers have a range of adaptive and teaching equipment to use. Whistler Adaptive instructors use this equipment to show you how to simply slide on the snow, learn to link turns or master the art of bumps or powder skiing. Outriggers – which are used for balance – are modified ski poles with a mini ski on the end. The number of tracks left in the snow by skis or outriggers determines the skiing technique the participant uses.

Sit-skiing in powder on Whistler Mountain

Sit-skiing is a popular sport for people with limited lower body strength and people who use wheelchairs, including those with paraplegia and quadriplegia, bilateral lower extremity amputations or developmental disabilities. Sit-skis have a moulded seat (bucket) with an adjustable back positioned on a metal frame with a large shock absorber. Mounted with a binding to either one or two skis, some students use outriggers as poles or have them fixed to the sit ski frame. For those who lack balance to hold themselves up, the sit-ski is fit to allow an instructor to maintain control of the ski. We have a full fleet of both bi-skis and mono skis available to help you learn how to sit-ski independently or just enjoy the mountains with a guide and your friends and family. 

Also offering Alpine Ski Racing Programs...

Ski racing programs for competitive athletes

For intermediate to advanced skiers with a sensory, physical or cognitive disability, the Whistler Adaptive Alpine Ski Racing program works with athletes to increase their skill set and practice gate training. The goal of this program is to develop each athlete’s skills and techniques in order to advance into competitive events.

Please contact the Whistler Adaptive Ski & Snowboard Program office at 604-905-2071 for more details.

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