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Autism (ASD) Program

Outdoor sport, such as biking, is a great activity & environment for people on the autism spectrum

The Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) program is designed as an ideal environment for increasing social skills, improving communication and building self-confidence and self-esteem in an outdoor setting, while learning a sport such as skiing, biking, kayaking or hiking. The ASD program provides consistent support of any behavioural learning strategies and leads to advancements and independence of the child or adult. Children or adults on the autism spectrum can take part in Whistler Adaptive activities in a group setting or privately with one or two instructors or leaders. The ASD program is recognized by BC’s Autism Funding Unit as an eligible autism intervention through sport and recreation therapy. Contact the Autism Funding Unit for information on the application and funding process.

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Family Nordic Cross-country Ski Day


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