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Donate Today - Help Sam swim next summer!

Help Sam swim and bike again next summer.

“Sam has a rare disease called Glut1 that causes developmental delays,” Sam’s mom, Amanda, explains. “I didn’t think Sam was ever going to walk, until he took a step. I never thought he would ride a bike -- and then he did with Whistler Adaptive.”

Last year, Whistler Adaptive delivered 3,000+ sessions across 18 different sports to athletes like Sam. Unfortunately, we’re not even scratching the surface of what’s needed and wait lists are growing in nearly every program we offer.

In 2019, our goal is to add 1,000 more sessions so more athletes with disabilities have equal access to sport.

And thanks to the generous support of a few passionate individuals, your donation will be matched up to our goal of $40,000. With a donation of only $250, you could fund an athlete like Sam for an entire summer of swim lessons.

Please DOUBLE your impact by giving today!

Please click here to donate now.

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