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Come work with us at Whistler Adaptive and discover your true self in a world of positive possibilities!

We offer a competitive wage, lots of opportunities for growth and professional development and can help find housing in the Sea to Sky. We expect dedicated, proven leaders who can multi-task and provide solutions regularly. We encourage a fun, flexible, and fulfilling work environment promoting independence and collaboration in your strive to make a difference at Whistler Adaptive. Come find out more!

Currently recruiting for these positions: 

We will be completing a Strategic Plan over the next few months. The purpose of this vital work is to:

  • To review the 2017 WAS Strategic Plan and assess the current status of the organization against the Objectives / Desired Outcomes of the last strategic planning process 5 years ago.
  • To use the recent Program Audit to review input from Whistler Adaptive’s key stakeholders (volunteers, funders, participants) that will inform strategic planning process. Selectively engage with and solicit them as required for follow-up questions.
  • To review Whistler Adaptive’s Vision and Mission Statement and revise to briefer, more impactful statements.
  • To use the “Integrated Cascade of Choices” strategic framework model in our strategic planning process
  • To identify and prioritize goals, desired outcomes, and strategic directions for the next five years as integrated

    into the “Cascade of Choices” model and create a “Plan on a Page”.

We are seeking proposals to complete this Strategic Plan. If this interests you please reach out to our executive director Chelsey via email cwalker@whistleradaptive.com to submit your proposal.

For any future opportunities at Whistler Adaptive, please send your cover letter and resume to the Volunteer and Training Program Manager

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