Endowment Fund

Provide Long-Lasting Support For Programs


There are many ways to donate to Whistler Adaptive including providing a gift to our endowment fund. The Whistler Adaptive Sports Program Society Fund consists of principal that is invested over time. The interest earned on the fund each year goes to support our programs. Your gift is placed into this endowment and earnings are given to us on an annual basis. These earnings, and all the future earnings from your gift, create a permanent source of support for Whistler Adaptive, helping us do good work forever.

This endowment fund is professionally managed and overseen by the Whistler Community Foundation. The Whistler Community Foundation can accept a variety of giving methods suited to your needs and provide charitable tax receipts for your donation of cash, securities or life insurance. The Foundation suggests that you speak with your Professional Advisor to ensure you use the method that makes the most sense for your financial situation.  In some cases, the benefit of your gift can increase dramatically by implementing the appropriate giving strategy. You can also leave a bequest to the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program Society Fund to create a personal legacy that will benefit the society forever.

What is an endowment fund? 
An endowment fund is a permanent investment fund that provides income each year to support a charitable cause.

Why is an endowment important?
A charity endowment fund provides financial stability to an organization allowing them to plan on an annual income. This helps them plan and allows them to focus on their mission.

The power of endowment
The power of an endowment is in its continuity. Donations are preserved in perpetuity in an investment that is managed for long term growth. Over time, the distributions from the fund will exceed the original donation amount and the capital remains in place and continues to generate income. Imagine a donation today of $10,000 growing to $20,000 over the next 25 years and also generating $10,000 in revenue for your charity over that time.

To make a contribution to the Whistler Adaptive Endowment Fund, visit the Whistler Community Foundation or contact info@whistlerfoundation.com.

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