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A guide to using iClassPro for booking

A guide to using iClassPro for booking

Step by step Registration and Enrollment for iClassPro software.

Let’s get started!
Here are the steps to follow to get create an account and reserve classes. It should only take 5-10 minutes. (We recommend doing this from a computer or tablet with a proper keyboard rather than a phone. It will be easier to answer the registration questions.)

  1. Open the reservation system at
  2. Click “Create Account” to set up your account.
  3. Follow all the steps until your account is set up and you are asked to create a Student. Click “Yes, Create a Student” to create an athlete profile for yourself.
  4. Please complete all of the fields as thoroughly as you can, particularly the “Student Custom Fields” with information that will help the coaches adapt the lessons to your athlete. When you have filled out all required fields, the SAVE button will be active. (The medical information is optional.)
  5. Once the athlete profile is complete, click “Enrollments” to select the days/times to reserve for your selected programs. Proceed through the checkout process to complete the reservations. (No payment is required.)

Please be aware that there will be no refunds for canceled bookings within 24 hours of the booking, with the exception of feeling ill. 
Extenuating circumstances may apply.   


Any questions you may have please email: info@whistleradaptive.com

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