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GS & Slalom Race Camp | Monsters vs. Animals

GS & Slalom Race Camp | Monsters vs. Animals

March 27 to 29, 2015 in Whistler, BC

Whistler Adaptive is hosting a GS and slalom race camp. Training will take place with coach Ken Doraty on Friday, March 27 for GS and Saturday, March 28 for slalom. On Sunday, March 29, all participants will compete in a GS Head-to-Head race on Whistler Mountain. This is open to all athletes with a cognitive, physical or sensory disability, as well as all Whistler Adaptive volunteers. Racers are welcome to downhill ski or snowboard. Athletes will be put in one of two teams for the race: Monsters vs. Animals. Come in costume! 

In head-to-head competition, there are two teams of skiers that compete against each other. One skier on each team starts the race at the same time. As the first skier on the team crosses the finish line, the second skier on the team starts from the top. Each athlete on both teams completes the course and the first team with all members at the bottom wins. This makes the race fast and exciting race for the athletes and spectators!

Athletes and their supporters are available to stay at the Whistler Athletes’ Lodge

Prices & Registration:
March 27 Training - $30
March 28 Training - $30
March 29 Race - $35 
Register for the entire 3-day camp for a discounted rate - $90.
Whistler Blackcomb lift tickets are not included. Contact us for preferential ticket rates.

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