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Adults with Physical Disabilities

Adults with Physical Disabilities Programming

Our programs for people with physical disabilities and mobility limitations are for all ages and abilities. We have many different types of adaptive equipment for a variety of sports. Our sport-specific equipment allows you to get out and play in the Sea to Sky! If you are interested in bursary funding please see our funding page. If you are new to Whistler Adaptive please register for programs here. If you are a returning athlete and would like more information please contact info@whistleradaptive.com


Rent a hand-cycle and tour the valley with friends or take a guided hand-cycle and bike tour with a Whistler Adaptive instructor. We rent hand-cycles for kids and adults, including a 14 speed cruiser with mountain drive or a 28 speed racer with free wheel crank. These hand-cycles are perfect for individuals with mobility or balance issues as they are powered by the arms rather than the legs and provide a low centre of gravity. Cummerbunds can be used for support around the legs or core.

Whistler Adaptive has two different handcycles available for use. All of the handcycles have assistive electronic motors featuring three speed levels:

  • The Explorer is our most aggressive mountain bike, suitable for individuals with hand cycling experience. The Explorer is used from a kneeling position and can be steered with the hands and chest. This bike has front and rear suspension and a slightly higher clearance than the other handcycles. 
  • The XCR is a recumbent handcycle with no suspension and a lower clearance. This bike is lightweight and fast and capable on many off-road trails in Whistler. The XCR Quad/Tetra set up is also a recumbent handcycle but allows individuals with low or no grip strength to lock their hands to the handlebars as well as shifting and breaking  using their elbows. Regardless of your experience or ability, we have a bike that will allow you to enjoy the excellent trails Whistler has to offer. Our knowledgeable instructors will teach you how to use the bike and all its features, and ensure you are comfortable on it before heading to the trails. Strapping, padding, and cummerbunds will also be provided to ensure safety and comfort. Bike lessons are typically 2 hours in duration, and family members and friends are welcome to join for the ride. 

What: We have three different styles of handcycles available to get you out on the trails in Whistler!

When: By private booking

Who: Ages 19 and up

Where: Various locations in Whistler - eg Lost Lake Trails and Sea to Sky Trail to the Train Wreck

How to register: Contact us here


We proudly own two Creating Ability adaptive kayaks. These kayaks feature stabilizing pontoons as well as torso and neck support. These boats allow you to enjoy the beautiful views on Alta Lake while paddling independently. Should you prefer to paddle with a friend, partner or family member, we also have double kayaks available. Our instructors are prepared with foam padding, strapping and active hands to ensure your safety and comfort. Our kayaking program operates out of the Cabin on Alta Lake which is wheelchair accessible with bathroom and kitchen facilities. 

What: Kayak Alta Lake in one of our many styles of kayaks

When: Mondays 9am-3pm from June 15-September 7 | Or by private booking

Who: All ages

Where: The Cabin at Alta Lake Park

How to Register: Contact us here

**Interested in competitive para-kayak? Canoe Kayak BC is the Provincial Sport Organization who actively encourages and provides opportunities to enjoy, participate and excel in paddle sports. Our members include competitive athletes, developing athletes, enthusiasts, coaches, officials, administrators, and supporters of the sport.


Whistler Adaptive has equipment to adapt a canoe to suit the needs of any individual. With strapping, padding, cummerbunds, and attachable seats with backrests we can fit a canoe to allow you to enjoy beautiful Alta Lake from the water. Our canoe lessons are typically 2 hours in duration and run out of Wayside Park. 

What: Canoe beautiful Alta Lake

When: Thursdays 10 am-12 pm from June 25-September 10 | Or by private booking

Who: All ages starting at 5+

Where: Wayside Park on Alta Lake

How to Register: Contact us here

**Interested in competitive para-canoe? Canoe Kayak BC is the Provincial Sport Organization who actively encourages and provides opportunities to enjoy, participate and excel in paddle sports. Our members include competitive athletes, developing athletes, enthusiasts, coaches, officials, administrators, and supporters of the sport.


Whistler Adaptive proudly owns an Onit Ability Board - a paddleboard fit with pontoons that allows individuals who use a wheelchair or who have limited mobility to paddleboard! We offer 2 hour private paddleboard lessons for individuals and families to paddle around beautiful Alta Lake. Paddleboard lessons run out of Wayside Park. An instructor will provide all the necessary equipment and make adjustments to suit each individual's needs, as well as accompany the participant on the water. The ability board comes with its own chair that secures on to the board, therefore users will need to transfer into this chair. It is possible for an instructor or family member to join the participant on the paddleboard or for the individual to paddle independently. 

What: Paddleboard using our Onit Ability Board

When: By private booking

Who: All ages starting at 5+

Where: Wayside Park on Alta Lake

How to register: Contact us here


Whistler Adaptive offers rowing instruction and coaching using our adaptive rowing shells. These shells can be adapted with stability pontoons, a specialized seat and strapping to suit the needs of any individual. Our rowing program operates out of the cabin on Alta Lake, which is wheelchair accessible with kitchen and bathroom facilities. We offer 2 hour private one-on-one rowing lessons. Rowing offers independence, a great workout, and the thrill of gliding across Alta Lake. It is also a sought-after cross-training tool for competitive para-athletes. For wheelchair users, rowing can be an excellent way to open the chest and strengthen the muscles opposing those that are often overworked. Whether you are a beginner rower or an experienced athlete, Whistler Adaptive can offer a privately booked rowing session that is right for you. 

What: Experience gliding across Alta Lake in a sleek adaptive rowing shell

When: By private booking

Who: Ages 13 and up

Where: The Cabin at Alta Lake Park

How to register: Contact us here

Interested in competitive Para-rowing? Visit Rowing BC for more information on Para Rowing Centres for Excellence.​


Whistler Adaptive offers 2 hour private sailing lessons out of the Whistler Sailing Club on Alta Lake. Our adaptive sailboat is suitable for individuals who use a wheelchair. 

The Martin 16 is a breakthrough in small boat design. The weighted keel makes it a very safe boat for people with physical disabilities. The high lift keel makes the boat very stable, trailer launching is simple and the boat can be easily rigged by one person.

The inherent stability of the boat, along with the adjustable seating and specialized control systems make the Martin 16 truly accessible to all sailors with a physical disability. It is a lively performance boat making it ideal for sailors of all abilities.

The Martin 16 is easily managed by one person with any level of physical ability with a narrow, easily-driven hull that provides impressive performance and excellent responsiveness. Stability and adjustable seating with specialized control systems and the simplicity of use makes the Martin 16 an ideal program boat that can accommodate up to three individuals at one time. 

What: Introduction to Sailing

When: By private booking

Who: Ages 12-18

Where: The Point at Alta Lake

How to register: Contact us here

**Interested in competing in Para-sailing? Check out Sail Canada’s Paralympic pathways: https://www.sailing.ca/cansail-para/

Trail Rider and Hiking

Trail Riders allow people with mobility restrictions to explore Whistler’s beautiful hiking trails with the help of two volunteers navigating the Trail Rider. This innovative adaptive equipment takes accessibility to a whole new level allowing the entire family to enjoy the alpine together! Whether you’re looking for short alpine jaunts, peak-to-peak experiences, or full-day technical trail hikes we are able to cater to your unique needs. 

What: Hiking in Whistler

When: June 2- Sept 8 (Tuesdays at 10 am) | Private booking available

Where: Various locations

Age range: All ages starting at 3

How to register: Contact us here

Ski and Snowboard

Sit-skiing is a popular sport for people with limited lower body strength and people who use wheelchairs, including those with paraplegia and quadriplegia, bilateral lower extremity amputations or developmental disabilities. For those who have limited balance to hold themselves up, the sit-ski is fit to allow an instructor to maintain control of the ski. We have a full fleet of both bi-skis and mono skis available to help you learn how to sit-ski independently or just enjoy the mountains with a guide and your friends and family. Please bring a warm jacket, snow pants, warm socks, goggles, toque, gloves. Snow sport equipment is included complimentary with our Adaptive lessons,  thanks to the Epic Foundation and The Whistler Adaptive Society

What: Adaptive Snowsports lessons

When: Nov 24 2022  to April 16 2023   9:15 am to 3 pm

Where: Whistler Adaptive Desk at Carleton Lodge

Age range: All ages starting at 3

How to register: For more information about the program go to Adaptive | Whistler Blackcomb. When you are ready to register please go to Register for Winter Programs | Whistler Adaptive Sports Program and an agent will get back to you.

Contact us for assistance by email at WBAdaptiveProgram@vailresorts.com and by phone at 1-800-766-0449. Please ask for the Adaptive Ski and Snowboard agent on duty at Whistler Blackcomb.

If you need to contact Whistler Adaptive on the day of your lesson please contact the Whistler Adaptive Ski & Snowboard Program office at 604-905-2071.

**Looking to train and compete in Para-Alpine?  Contact us today about options through our Alpine Race Programs. More information on the Para-Alpine development pathway is available at BC Adaptive Snowsports and Alpine Canada

Nordic Sit Skiing

Nordic sit-skiing is great exercise, which can be practiced with friends or independently. Sit-skis have a molded seat (bucket) with an adjustable back positioned on a metal frame that is mounted on bindings for two skis. The Nordic sit-ski can be used for participants with cognitive disabilities, limited lower body strength, and people who use wheelchairs. Our Nordic coaches are trained in adaptive Nordic skiing ensuring athletes use proper body alignment, climbing techniques, and speed control. We also offer coaching and instruction for athletes with amputations who want to Nordic ski from a standing position.

What: Nordic sit-skiing in Whistler in both group and private format.

When: January 9th to March 19th; Thursdays 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

WhereCross Country Connection at the Passivhaus, Lost Lake trail network.

Age Range: All Ages starting at 3

How to register: Contact us here

**Competitive pathways exist through https://www.crosscountrybc.ca/


Swimming is a great way for individuals with limited mobility to get a total body workout. Whether you’ve been swimming for years or new to the pool our certified instructors and coaches will support you in an aquatic environment.

What: The adaptive swimming program is for children and adults who want to improve their swimming abilities and gain independence in an aquatic setting

When: Available from Sept to June for private bookings.

Where: Meadow Park Sports Centre (Meet on the pool deck)

Age range: All ages starting at 3

How to Register:  Contact us here

**Interested in competing in Para-Swimming?  Check out Swim BC’s Para-Swimming page

Strength and Conditioning

Whistler Adaptive offers strength and conditioning training in the gym during the winter and off-snow seasons. These sessions can be tailored to individual needs and often focus on balance, stability, strength, and physical literacy. Typically these are group sessions, however we can also offer one-on-one training. 

What: Strength and conditioning sessions tailored to individual needs.

Who: 19+

When: Oct 10 - Dec 12 (Thursdays 1 pm -2 pm)

Where: Meadow Park Sports Centre / Whistler Mountain Ski Club

How to register: Contact us here

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