Cognitively Challenged Learner Training Program

Welcome to the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program’s Cognitively Challenged Learner Training Program for instructors working in recreational programs.

Individuals must complete Level I before proceeding onto Level II.

Level I has videos on:
1) Best Practices for Teaching
3) Autism
4) Developmental Disabilities
5) Cerebral Palsy

Level I includes a Handbook that has been abbreviated for quick access and Cue Cards which provide instructors with easy and practical information on 18 different disabilities.

Level II has videos on:
6) Down Syndrome
7) Brain Injury
8) All the Rest (i.e. lesser known disabilities)
10) Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Level II includes the same Handbook as Level I and Cue Cards for the participants' convenience. As far as we know this is the only comprehensive training program of its kind and we are proud to make it available to instructors in an effort to improve recreation programs for people with disabilities, and to help build the confidence and expertise of instructors.

How to Access the Training Material

To access the courses you will need to be a registered Whistler Adaptive Sports Program member. Once you are a member, you will need to register for a password, which will be sent to you by email. With your password, you can access the videos and training materials for the course. Your password will allow access to the training materials for six months from the time you register to complete one level of the course.

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