Volunteer Training

Whistler Adaptive offers training and certification courses for our volunteers and coaches. These learning opportunities allow for our instructors and coaches to provide quality programs for our athletes while meeting their training goals. Contact us to find out about upcoming training opportunities.


CADS Levels 1, 2, 2A, 3 & 4

Whistler Adaptive provides the CADS Level 1 Course and Certification for our active Ski & Snowboard Program volunteers and staff. CADS instructor certification teaches you about 3-track skiing, 4-track skiing, visually impaired skiing, sit-skiing, and various teaching aids. It is the base certification for working or volunteering in our alpine programs.  Learn more about the CADS course curriculum on their website.


What to expect?

Pre-course CSIA Day: 8:30 am @ Carlton Lodge Patio next door to the Longhorn. (see map below) A 1-day free ski teaching skills review for those not currently CSIA certified.  Come ready to ski. Register for Free Here!

Day 1: 8:30 am @ Carlton Lodge Patio next door to the Longhorn (see map below). Come ready to ski and bring a bagged lunch.

Day 2: 9:00 am @ Jeff Harber Hut on Whistler Mountain at Olympic station. Come ready to ski and bring a bagged lunch.

Day 3: 9:00 am @ Jeff Harber Hut on Whistler Mountain at Olympic station. Come ready to ski and bring a bagged lunch.

Carleton Lodge can be found here:




Cost of course and memberships:

There are three things you will need to pay for: (BC Adaptive yearly membership ($48), Cost of CADS course ($60), and Whistler Adaptive yearly membership ($10).

Purchase a BC Adaptive Membership ($48) found here and provide a receipt at checkout for course cost:

BC Adaptive 

Upcoming CADS course:​

CADS Level 1: December 12th, 13th, and 14th (8:30-3:00) | Location: Carlton Lodge Patio next to Longhorn's Saloon. Register

CSIA Training: December 11th (8:30-3:00) | Location: Carlton Lodge Patio next to Longhorn's Saloon. Register



CADS manual download


Canada Snowboard Adaptive FUNdamentals 

The Adaptive Fundamentals course is the first step for a person who wishes to work with people with a disability on snowboard. The course is recommended for anyone wishing to work with Stage 2 Athletes (AWAD). While this course is a stand-alone course, it is recommended for people taking the course to have their CSCP Comp Into or CASI Level One. Coaches who take this course will not be certified as a coach, and will not be able to able to work as a coach unless they take their Comp Intro or CASI Level One.

Canada Snowboard Adaptive FUNdamentals

*If you're an active Whistler Adaptive volunteer, contact us to register for courses or exams.

Working with Cognitively Challenged Learners

Created by Whistler Adaptive's long-time ski instructor and volunteer, Jennifer Erickson, this online program teaches you about the most common cognitive disabilities we see at Whistler Adaptive and how to adapt your teaching style for each. Complete this training at your own pace as you watch lectures by experts in autism, ADHD, traumatic brain injury and more. Complete online quizzes and submit a volunteer log to fulfill the course obligation and receive your certification. This program is the first of its kind in Canada! Learn more & register today!

Nordic Skiing

Whistler Adaptive Nordic skiing coaches and volunteers have the opportunity to complete courses through Cross Country Canada. Courses generally start as early as October with higher level courses taking place in winter. Instruction in working with para-athletes is also available to Whistler Adaptive volunteers at Whistler Olympic Park. 

Canoeing - Lakewater Program

Each spring, Whistler Adaptive offers Lakewater Program courses to new and returning volunteers and staff. These courses are administered by Recreational Canoeing Association of BC conductors. Students learn about various paddling strokes, water safety, rescues, and gear.


Working with Donny Butler from Captain Holiday's Kayak & Adventure School, our Whistler Adaptive kayak volunteers spend two full days at the beginning of each summer learning about whitewater kayaking. Donny teaches volunteers about the gear, kayak strokes, water dynamics, wet exits and rolls, as well as a typical day with our athletes. Throughout the season Donny offers additional training to our committed volunteers, including a day kayaking on the Lillooet River in Pemberton.

Mountain Biking

Whistler Adaptive bike coach Sylvie Allen, works with volunteers and staff on bike skills and techniques. This short training session generally takes place in May and is open to summer volunteers. Sylvie goes through trail choice for our Sport Academy athletes, stance, balance, descending, braking, cornering, and technical riding.